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Jörg Döring, Make it simple, 2020, MT auf Leinwand, 40 x 40 cm - GALERIE HEGEMANN

Coming soon: COLORFUL LIFE: 30th of July – 18th of September 2021   

Paintings by JÖRG DÖRING and PEINTRE X, new sculptures by JÖRG W. SCHIRMER and JOY


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INTENSE PERCEPTION: 11th of June – 24th of July 2021

The abstract, colorful pictures by the Dutch woman JACQUELINE BOZON are a playground for her observations and experiences. She communicates in colors and multilayered lines as a universal language that is easy to understand and allows many translations.

No fixed contours, no clearly defined surfaces or closed rooms – with this unusual design language, the native Japanese artist MIURA YOSHIYUKI puts our perception to the test and fascinates with unique sculptures and objects.

The resilience, the heavy structure and the cold appearance of steel fascinate RONALD A. WESTERHUIS. His monumental sculptures, but also his small works, are creations of reflective surfaces that include the environment and the viewer.

!!! NEW !!! 3D-tour trough the exhibition !!! NEW !!!

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