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Jörg kachel

STRAIGHT ON: 17th of July 2020 – 5th of September 2020

We will present a ONE ARTIST SHOW with the new paintings from JÖRG DÖRING.

We invite you and your friends to the opening day of our new solo exhibition with JÖRG DÖRING  on July 17, 2020 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The artist will be present.

An essential part of Pop Art was and is the ambiguity. It can be sexy, omnipresent and socially critical at the same time. It is sensual and distant in one. JÖRG DÖRING’s art is colorful, humorous, supposedly light and superficially cool in her perception. No other German pop art artist succeeds in balancing between eroticism and reflection so skilfully. His new works also convince not only by the attractiveness of their motifs, but also by their unique painterly and manual skills.

We are looking forward seeing you.


Kachel Outlines

OUTLINES: 5th of June 2020 – 11th of July 2020

The art of the Dutch artist CASPER FAASSEN celebrates the beauty and aesthetics. He delicately outlines the contours of his beautiful women‘s portraits on corroded steel or lets the motifs blend in a symbiotic manner with painterly elements in his photographs.

The Italian sculptor MATTHIAS KOSTNER combines supposedly contrary aspects in his sculptures: the perfection and skill of traditional craftsmanship and the creativity of innovative, modern ideas. The human being with all his mysterious identities and silhouettes are at the center of the long-lasting artworks.


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We are looking forward to your visit.



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