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Flowers are an important aspect in the photography of Iris Gonzalez. “This is the beauty of nature, flowers are fragile and wither.” It is precisely this fact that Iris finds beautiful to capture: “I try to freeze the moment on which the flower is at it’s most beautiful.” Iris is experimenting in her work with this moment of perfection. When is a flower at its most beautiful?

Iris Gonzalez has always had a fascination for the golden age. As a child she was already touched by the mysticism, the wealth and the excess of this period. Later, she also started to delve deeper interest into the paintings of the old masters, especially the still lifes and portraits. Her admiration for the details, the structure and the balance between light and shadow are her source of inspiration. In her work she plays with light and shadow, the longer you look, the more details appear.

Iris Gonzalez brings an ode to the old masters with her work. Just as they managed to capture the light, the colors and the structures with each brush stroke, so does Iris with her photography. With her work she builds a bridge between the present and the past. From a painting from the golden age to a contemporary medium, photography.

details and secrets that are hidden away from our eyes. In this age of fast social media, it is just magical for me to pause for a moment and take a closer look – everything has its own beauty and is often overlooked. If you would just zoom in, a whole new world opens up. ”