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APRIL 23, – JUNE 5, 2021

NEW PERSPECTIVES: 23rd of April – 5th of June 2021

With the combination of graphics, linocut, painting and complex collage, MAAYKE SCHUITEMA has created a unique, hybrid art form that creates a suitable and appropriate stage for the self-confident and independent type of woman in the art works.

The term energy is central to the French sculptor SYLVESTRE. The world, life, art – everything is in motion and in an energetic flow.

The Dutch sculptor TOON TULLEMANS celebrates the diversity and aesthetics of the human body. Traditional and experimental at the same time, the materials impressively come into their own in the stylish sculptures.

With her impressive painting, the spanish artist MONTSE VALDÉS embarks on a search for traces of the core of being and the human soul. The haunting portraits look behind the facade of the beautiful appearance.

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