opening hours: TUE - FRI: 11 am - 7 pm SA: 11 am - 4 pm or by arrangement



SENSE OF LIFE MARCH 05, 2021 – APRIL 17, 2021

SENSE OF LIFE: Art window viewing from 5th of March 2021

Opening Day is expected to take place on March 12th 2021

MICHAEL PICKL’s wooden sculptures show girls and women in their many facets. The graceful and quiet figures appear thoughtful, at times profound, and you cannot escape their inner, irresistible radiance.

The Irish painter NIGEL COX is inspired by individual people in his photorealistic pictures. He removes them from their everyday urban hectic and places them in an empty pictorial space. This allows us to focus on the individual in their specific situation.

SABINE LIEBCHEN creates a completely clear aesthetic through the powerful contrast of virtuoso figures and monochrome backgrounds. Her also isolated figures create an exciting illusion of reality.