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May 31 – July 12, 2024

EXPRESSION May 31st – July 12th, 2024

The expressive paintings by French artist FRANÇOISE NIELLY (FR) radiate a fascinating vital energy. Using oil paint, palette knife and knife, she creates images that are colorful, concise and sensual. The beauty of her unique portraits captivates the viewer.

The sculptures by JESÚS CURIÁ (ES) are not only an aesthetic pleasure. By using different materials such as bronze, steel, stone and wood, he creates a special attraction and brings his human figures to life.

GER DOORNINK (NL) combines Japanese and Italian influences in his portraits of imposing women, constantly refining his vision. His works are characterized by the techniques of the old masters and radiate modern sensibility, tenderness and strength.

Observation from multiple dimensions makes the pixelated art of NEMO JANTZEN (NL) three-dimensional and interactive with the viewer.

We look forward to your visit and to seeing you again.

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