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Category: 2020

10Y-Celebration 4th of March – 14th of May We are delighted to celebrate the 10-years-anniversary of our gallery with this exhibition. For this jubilee, we present the artworks of the three painters MARINA SAILER (BLR), IGOR OLEINIKOV (D) and my father ERWIN HEGEMANN (D), the two photographes CÉCILE PAISANCE (F) and JEFF ROBB (GB) as well as the sculpor GERALD MORODER (I). With this milestone, we take this as an occasion to thank our customers for bying the pieces of art and our art lovers for t [...]

Gross-ART-ig 2.0: 28th of January – 26th of February 2022 Due to the success of the current exhibition “GROSS-ART-IG” and the current Corona situation, we are transforming this exhibition into “GROSS-ART-IG 2.0”. In this second edition we expand the artist portfolio with the paintings of the Dutch painter SUSAN SCHILDKAMP and the Norwegian artist KRISTIAN EVJU. The “GROSS-ART-IG 2.0” can be visited from Friday, January 28th to Saturday, February 26th, 2022. We are looking forward to your visit.  [...]

Gross-ART-ig vom 27. November – 26. Februar 2022 In unserer Ausstellung zu den Festtagen und zum Jahreswechsel 2021/22 zeigen wir ausgewählte, internationale Künstler der Galerie. Im Fokus stehen dieses Mal die Bildhauer MICHAEL PICKL (D) und VITALI SAFRONOV (RU) sowie die Malerin FRANÇOISE NIELLY (FR) bzw. der Pop-Art-Künstler PAUL THIERRY (D). Neu in unserem Programm aufgenommen haben wir die ausdrucksstarken Kunstwerke der Fotografin IRIS GONZALEZ (NL). Ergänzend dazu finden Sie in unserer Ga [...]

PURE BEING: 1st of October - 20th of November 2022 Moods and situations are the focus of TINA HEUTER. Through the skillful play with gestures and facial expressions, the sculptures tell their small and fine everyday stories and seek the dialogue with us in a very charming way. In addition to classic bronze, the artist uses paper, concrete and neon lettering to give her work contemporary topicality and innovation. GERHARD NEUMAIER paints with vehement delight in the intoxication of the act of pai [...]

COLORFUL LIFE: 30th of July – 24th of September 202 JÖRG DÖRING tells us stories in his colorful pop art pictures. He combines iconic personalities, comics, advertising claims and headlines on the the canvas. The result is fresh and in many ways multi-level art works. In his colored bronze sculptures JÖRG W. SCHIRMER considers the human body as a vehicle of expression. The greatly changed proportions underline the personal, situational mood of the sculpture and force us to change our perspective [...]

INTENSE PERCEPTION: 11th of June – 24th of July 2021 The abstract, colorful pictures by the Dutch woman JACQUELINE BOZON are a playground for her observations and experiences. She communicates in colors and multilayered lines as a universal language that is easy to understand and allows many translations. No fixed contours, no clearly defined surfaces or closed rooms – with this unusual design language, the native Japanese artist MIURA YOSHIYUKI puts our perception to the test and fascinates wit [...]

NEW PERSPECTIVES: 23rd of April - 5th of June 2021 With the combination of graphics, linocut, painting and complex collage, MAAYKE SCHUITEMA has created a unique, hybrid art form that creates a suitable and appropriate stage for the self-confident and independent type of woman in the art works. The term energy is central to the French sculptor SYLVESTRE. The world, life, art - everything is in motion and in an energetic flow. The Dutch sculptor TOON TULLEMANS celebrates the diversity and aesthet [...]

art KARLSRUHE SELECTIONS: 20. – 23. Mai 2021 Eine Selektion, eine inspirierende Auswahl, ein Konzentrat des Messegeschehens: Die diesjährige art KARLSRUHE musste aus bekannten Gründen abgesagt werden. Stattdessen bietet die Messe für Klassische Moderne und Gegenwartskunst auf ihrer Website ein Programm, das Kunstinteressierte informiert und unterhält, inspiriert und verbindet. Vom 20. bis 23. Mai hilft art KARLSRUHE selections die Zeit zu überbrücken, bis man sich wieder persönlich begegnen kann [...]