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Author: galerie-hegemann

Gross-ART-ig from November 24th, 2023 – January 27th, 2024. During the Christmas period and towards the end of the year, we traditionally present a selection of selected artists from our gallery. In addition to sculptures by Tina Heuter, Lola Luk, Vitali Safronov and Michael Pickl, the latest artworks by Marina Sailer, Francois Nielly, Paul Thierry, Jürgen Norbert, El Bocho, Peintre X, Jeff Robb and Jörg Döring will be on display. With these twelve international artists, we are also celebrating [...]

REFLECTIONS from September 22 – November 18, 2023. This fall we present three great Dutch artists. MAAYKE SCHUITEMA’s impressive works of confident women fuse linoleum printing, painting and drawing into a hybrid art form in her unique technique. RONALD A. WESTERHUIS creates monumental sculptures in stainless steel, including the famous “MH17 Memorial”. His artworks radiate energy and influence our perception on reality. The paintings of the gifted painter GER DOORNINK radiate modern sensitivity [...]

SUMMER VIBES from July 21 – September 16, 2023 This summer it will be colorful again! We present pictures of the artist JÖRG DÖRING (D). His compositions of iconic personalities, comic characters and headlines are refreshing and express pure joy of life. JÖRG W. SCHIRMER (D) convinces with his colored bronze sculptures. The strongly altered proportions of the human body force us to change our perspective. We are looking forward to your visit. 3D-tour through our exhibition

JUST SMILE ! After participating in this year’s art KARLSRUHE, we are bringing our artists’ artworks to Munich. In keeping with the beginning of summer, the motto of our new exhibition is “Just Smile!”. Despite personal and political challenges, you shouldn’t lose your smile. Art helps to drive away the worries of everyday life. We present the artist FREDRIK ERICHSEN (D), who we are adding to our artist portfolio as part of this exhibition. He fascinates with his impressive concrete smiley face. [...]

New Perspectives On the occasion of our first exhibition in 2023, two new artists open up new perspectives for us. In the exhibition of the same name, starting February 10, 2023, we will be presenting Marina Wittemann, among others. The sculptor creates beautiful, three-dimensional wall objects with fascinating color gradients from newspaper in a sustainable way. Jürgen Fux also convinces with new perspectives. By breaking up portraits in connection with sacred masterpieces, the artist brings th [...]

Gross-ART-ig 2022/23 Traditionally for the holidays and the turn of the year we present selected artists from our gallery. On the occasion of our 11th anniversary, we are exhibiting eleven international artists this year. With this exhibition we would like to thank you for the interesting discussions and the acquisition of the works of art as well as our artists for the great exhibits and their active support. We look forward to your visit and to seeing you again. 3D-tour trough the exhibition

art KARLSRUHE from July 7th to July 10th 2022 Floating ceilings, space as far as the eye can see - and there is art everywhere. art KARLSRUHE gives the art scene the opportunity to present itself to a broad audience live four days a year. Four halls, a large foyer and a green inner courtyard provide space for everything from the smallest of graphics to expansive sculptures. From classic modern to contemporary art. Come closer. You can experience art KARLSRUHE live again from July 7th to 10th, 20 [...]

Shape & Color 30th of September - 19th of November At the beginning of fall we present the new exhibition "Shape & Color". The images by ERIK PLUIS (NL) stand out for the depth and emotion of their colours. We also show works by the sculptor SYLVESTRE GAUVRIT (FR). His play with metal and marble is full of energy and colourfulness. The different dimensions of his sculptures show that everything, the world, life, art, is constantly in motion. We are looking forward to your visit. 3D-tour [...]