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Category: Exhibitions

COMMON ROOTS: January 31, 2020 - March 14, 2020 With the exhibition “COMMON ROOTS” we are presenting two exceptional artists not only with connections to the “Who is Who“ of contemporary art, but also look back on common roots and long standing friendships. UDO DZIERSK studied at the art academies in Düsseldorf, Berlin and Karlsruhe with Gerhard Richter, Georg Baselitz and Per Kirkeby. In 1988 he was appointed master student of Markus Lüpertz, whose retrospective can currently be admired in the [...]

3 GREAT STORIES 13th of September - 19th of October 2019 The photographs of ANOUK invite you to stop and discover the beauty of the objects in more detail. Because of this zooming in itreveals hidden and hitherto neglected secrets. Human moods and situations are the focus of TINA HEUTER. Through the skilful play with gestures and mimic the sculptures tell their small and fine stories and are searching in a very charming way the dialogue with us. MAKKE SCHUITEMA has created a unique hybrid art [...]

POP UP 26th of July - 31st of August, 2019 The new works of JÖRG DÖRING are as always sexy, wonderfully smug and with a small but nice touch of humor. The attractive motives and the irresistible coolness of the paintings inspire and reflect an active and colorful attitude to life. In PAUL THIERRY‘s paintings quotes from art history, well-known emblems and brand names collide. He rises in the best Pop Art-style everyday objects to art objects and whirls in his art works and collages the icons [...]

NATURAL MOMENTS: 14th of JUNE – 20th of JULY 2019 The archaic representations of the Italian sculptor GERALD MORODER show man in its essential, pure form. The timeless figures act without adorning attributes. They showthe quintessence of matter and soul, light and shadow, movement and standstill. GERHARD NEUMAIER paints with vehement joy at the intoxication of the painting act. He understands, in a fascinating way, how the formal and color compositions of his informal painting look like natura [...]

LIFE LINES 3rd of May - 8th of June, 2019 The eccentric portraits of the French artist FRANÇOISE NIELLY enchant besides their structure through their bright color contrasts. With expressive filling technique and explosive Kolorit she creates snapshots, which emphasize both the plasticity of the motifs and their individuality. The sculptures of the French sculptor SYLVESTRE reflect the diversity and dynamics of (life) energies and movements. Made of marble and synthetic resin, he creates attracti [...]

PROLOG 22nd of March - 27th of April 2019 The outstanding artistic quality and the fascinating double play of painting and drawing are unique to the art of IGOR OLEINIKOV. In the focus of his new works are haunting portraits, which almost brutally captivate the observer with their intensity and substantial depth. The Dutch sculptor TOON TULLEMANS celebrates the diversity and aesthetics of the human body. He interprets the different materials both traditionally and experimentally.Complex themes [...]