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Category: 2017

GROSS-ART-IG: 01. DEZEMBER 2017 – 27. JANUAR 2018 For the upcoming X-Mas holidays as well as for the turn of the year 2017/18 we present traditionally selected artists of our gallery. With this exhibition we also want to thank you for the great interest and your new acquisitions in the now almost six years since the foundation of the gallery. Special thanks also to our artists for their great pictures and sculptures as well as the excellent cooperation. On the Advent Saturdays we are open until [...]

BENEFIZ-KUNSTAUKTION FÜR ARTISTS FOR KIDS – 24. NOVEMBER 2017 Seit nunmehr zwei Jahren spenden wir als Galerie bei unseren Vernissagen alle Getränkeeinnahmen zugunsten von „Artists for Kids – Projekt für kreative Jugendhilfe“. Das von dem Regisseur Bernd Eichinger † gegründete gemeinnützige Projekt ist uns persönlich ans Herz gewachsen, denn auch in einer vermeintlich reichen Stadt wie München gibt es hilfsbedürftige Familien, die für eine positive Entwicklung dringend unsere Unterstützung benöt [...]

3 DIMENSIONS SKULPTUREN VON JESÚS CURIÁ, MICHAEL PICKL UND CHRISTIAN PESCHKE† 3 DIMENSIONS: 13. OKTOBER – 18. NOVEMBER 2017 Der vor kurzem verstorbene Künstler CHRISTIAN PESCHKE drückt mit seinen runden und üppigen Formen die mentale und physische Kraft der Frau aus und erhebt sie auf den Sockel, der ihr gebührt. MICHAEL PICKL schafft Skulpturen von zeitgenössischen Männern und Frauen, wie sie uns täglich auf der Straße begegnen könnten und hält sie in Ihren speziellen Momenten fest. Der menschl [...]

LIQUID SUMMER JÖRG DÖRING 25. AUGUST BIS 7. OKTOBER 2017 25. AUGUST – 7. OKTOBER 2017 The new art works of JÖRG DÖRING are cheeky, sexy and of a refreshing lightness, The use of epoxy resin, which appears to flow over the surface, creates a fascinating depth and transparency, which gives the motifs an unique effect. With his typical symbiosis of photography, painting and writing elements, he remains artistically faithful, but also proves once again how current and new Pop Art today can always be [...]

BALANCE MALEREI VON IGOR OLEINIKOV & SKULPTUREN VON TINA HEUTER BALANCE – 14. JULI – 18. AUGUST 2017 The new art works of IGOR OLEINIKOV are mysterious and surreal. In the new paintings the people has left the picturesque stage. There are fascinating landscapes which once again prove Igor Oleinikov‘s outstanding drawing style and exceptional artistic skills. TINA HEUTER‘s sculptures are showing human moods and situations. But these moods are by no means superficial or even striking. Through [...]

BODYWORKS MAAYKE SCHUITEMA - MALEREI, CASPER FAASSEN - MALEREI & TOON TULLEMANS - SKULPTUREN 02. JUNI BIS 08. JULI 2017 BODYWORKS – 2. JUNI – 8. JULI 2017 With their different physical layers, CASPER FAASSEN’s photographs are built like paintings. They give the viewer the feeling of distance. But at the same time an almost voyeuristic presence can be felt. MAAYKE SCHUITEMA’s large-scale, figurative linocuts are spontaneous and provocative. They reflect a dynamic lifestyle, which shows women [...]

REFLECIONS RONALD A. WETSERHUIS - SKULPTUREN RONALD A. WESTERHUIS (*1971 NL) is well know for his stainless steel landart sculptures. Recently he designed and is building the national monument „MH 17“ for the plane shot down above the Ukraine. In Munich we can see the work „Wings“ made in collaboration with architect Daniel Libeskind from the USA in front of Siemens headquarter. For this exclusive exhibition he designed wall objects in a perfect finish. To get introduced to more of his larger wo [...]

PHANTASY MEETS REALITY GERALD MORODER - SKULPTUREN & MARINA SAILER - MALEREI GERALD MORODER impressively gives his sculptures a tangible movement. The surfaces are porous, full of structure and the fascinating shadow play creates a perspectively convertible projection image. MARINA SAILER’s painting is full of powerful but nuanced colors, with which she creates her fantastic room productions. The pictures put us in a mysterious mood with the enigmatic stories she had told us Ausstellung: 10. [...]

POP STORIES II JÖRG DÖRING - MALEREI & JÖRG W. SCHIRMER - SKULPTUREN JÖRG DÖRING combines classical elements ot pop art with those of today and offers countless connecting points. Icons, motifs and text elements are used intheir combination to transport an idea or a story. The vital picture language and the aesthetic complexity take effect on the surface as well as in the depth. JÖRG W. SCHIRMER‘s sculptures show a play with perspective and „live on a big foot“. The individual views, positi [...]