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Erik Pluis was born in 1963 in Geulle, a small village in South Limburg. After studying architecture and various forays into (interior) architecture and technology, he came into contact with painting in 2005. Under the guidance of various well-known artists from Germany and abroad, he worked enthusiastically on a figurative and realistic style. In his search for his own style and the deepening of different painting techniques, he was inspired by abstract design. During this passionate and creative time, he quickly developed a personal style.

The expressionist works are created through an interplay of coincidence and intuition. In this process of interplay of different types of paint and media, a play of colors is created through controlled coincidence. The build-up of several layers of epoxy and paint creates an implied but also actual depth. His work consists of abstract translations of travel and encounters with different cultures around the world. He draws inspiration from dealing with distant cultures and free people, but also from special patterns and structures that are characteristic of his work. His fascination with images from the cosmos or images of the heavens and planets is often reflected in his work. As an artist, Erik is fascinated by the process of flowing streams and connecting colors expressing the search for balance in his life.

Be inspired by his work and stimulate your own imagination.