Jesús Curiá was born 1969 in Madrid, Spain.
Curià's work focuses on the human figure, which shows a multitude of identities and which always emphasizes racial features with a great anatomical personality. It incorporates a rich and thoughtful technique that employs different materials such as bronze or steel as well as stone, wood or metal. It plays with textures and forms lengthening parts of the body or replacing wings instead of arms.
"Jesús Curiá's sculptures arouse something more than purely aesthetic pleasure. We can analyze his work rationally and emphasize the quality of its textures and its patinas, the roundness of its shapes, the bold combination of materials, the play on space, movement or hieratic attitude, but in his case, the final result is infinitely superior to the sum of its parts. Jesús Curiá achieves a special magnetism in his sculptures, a halo of mystery that attracts us and responds to the deepest vibrations of our soul." (Pepa Quinteiro, Art Critic)