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Category: 2018

ABSTRACTION 21st of September - 20th of October, 2018 Harmony, music and joie de vivre - all these impressions of her adopted home Ibiza are reflected in the color-intensive stripe paintings of the Dutch artist JACQUELINE BOZON. "Art can be seen without thinking. Art is created without thinking that it is seen. " RONALD A. WESTERHUIS strives for perfection and positive energy with his impressive stainless steel sculptures. The surfaces are carefully sanded and patterned,with concave and convex s [...]

HIGHLIGHTS RELOADED: 5th of August – 15th of September 2018 Enjoy the unique and extraordinary linocut works of the Dutch artist MAAYKE SCHUITEMA. Furthermore, in addition to the new paintings of the Swiss artist FRANK FISCHER we will be showing the impressive sculptures of the French sculptor SYLVESTRE for the first time. SYLVESTRE‘s abstract works are dynamic, elegant and energetic. He manages to play complexity and simplicity simultaneously. Place: GALERIE HEGEMANN Matinée: Sonntag, 5th of Au [...]

HIGHLIGHTS JUNE 22, - AUGUST 4, 2018 In our 50th anniversary exhibition, we are showing special highlights and expressive works of art by our artists, In addition to the imaginative dream worlds of MARINA SAILER (D) and the powerful and self-confident linocuts by MAKEKE SCHUITEMA (NL) we are presenting new, bewitching photographs on glass by CASPER FAASSEN (NL). The exhibition will be rounded off with the narrow and dematerialized sculptures by GERALD MORODER (I) and the fascinating, seductive w [...]

ART BODENSEE: VOM 12. BIS ZUM 15. JULI 2018 Wir freuen uns, Sie auf der 18. ART BODENSEE auf unserem großen Stand Nr. 34 in Halle 11 zu begrüßen. Wir zeigen ausdrucksstarke Skulpturen von SYLVESTRE (F) und RONALD A. WESTERHUIS (NL) sowie interessante Bilder von CASPER FAASSEN (NL), FRANK FISCHER (CH), MAAYKE SCHUITEMA (NL) sowie PAUL THIERRY (D). Preview 12. Juli 2018 Foto-Journal auf facebook

CLUB HANG UP MAY 18, - JUNE 16, 2018 The Dutch artist CRAIL MOANSBURG is known for his innovative, exciting art projects. The various materials, media and expressive forms of his objects and images are part of the story, which he would like to tell us. With his CLUB HANG UP he invites us to a journey and a search for life, reality, imagination and illusion. The CLUB HANG UP exhibition takes place in the cities of Munich, London, Beirut, The Hague and Berlin. We are proud to open this internation [...]

ART-UNLIMITED: INTERNATIONALE URBAN ART VOM 12. APRIL BIS ZUM 12. MAI 2018 With his women‘s portraits EL BOCHO is one of the best known Street Art artists of Germany. He manages to capture the atmosphere of street art on canvas. The stencil art of Berlin‘s ALIAS shows individuals who tell us their little tragic stories we call life. The topics are loneliness and the melancholy of everyday life. LEVALET is a star of the Parisian street art scene. His black-white-characters interact with their imm [...]

CONTEMPO – INTERNATIONAL MASTERPIECES FEBRUARY 2, - APRIL 7, 2018 With this exhibition we want to present a broad spekturm of high-quality contemporary art works: CONTEMPO features unique sculptures from the Scottish sculptor DAVID BEGBIE, Italian artist RABARAMA and Dutch steel sculptor RONALD A. WESTERHUIS which interact dynamically with the expressive paintings from the English painter NIGEL COX, Swiss artist FRANK FISCHER and German painter IGOR OLEINIKOV. Ausstellung: 2. Februar bis zum 7. [...]